Carbon Neutral Product


For a brand with a rich Australian heritage that draws inspiration from our unique landscapes and flora, it is important for Evodia to respect the environment and minimise the damage placed upon it.

Evodia Australia is proud to announce we offset 100% of emissions from Evodia products.

To achieve this important certification, we conducted a carbon lifecycle analysis on every Evodia product and has committed to do so for each new product too! We now have an inventory of all our product emissions, measured per tonne of carbon dioxide. This includes emissions from:

Raw materials and packaging
Manufacturing and production

All emissions of Evodia products are measured and full carbon offset by carbon credits from the Rimba-Raya project in Indonesia.

This initiative focuses on preserving high-conservation-value, tropical, lowland, peat swamp forests – among the most highly endangered ecosystems in the world, habitat for the endangered Borneo orangutan and several other important species. The project has already reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 15 million tonnes and aims to reduce over 130 million tonnes over its 30-year lifespan.

The flow-on benefits of the Rimba-Raya project include local economic growth, employment opportunities for women in the community and support of the Orangutan Foundation International: a program committed to protecting endangered Borneo orangutans. Rimba-Raya is also supporting the health and wellbeing of its local community, distributing ceramic water filters and smokeless cook stoves to all households in the project area.

As part of our certification, Evodia is also now included on the Low Carbon Economy website. View our profile here:

*Evodia Australia has been certified Carbon Neutral Product by the Carbon Reduction Institute (certification #CN389) as of 28 February 2020 under the NoCO2 Program and is in compliance with Program requirements and contractual obligations.



We're taking action on climate change Evodia Australia has an intrinsic commitment to the environment. We are therefore very proud
  Our planet is large, complex and diverse, and global environmental challenges can feel overwhelming. With increasing awareness of species