Grassroots Fund

Our planet is large, complex and diverse, and global environmental challenges can feel overwhelming. With increasing awareness of species extinction and fears of climate collapse, there are growing calls for everyone to act.

But where do we start?

At Evodia Australia, we are starting in our own backyard. We are starting at grassroots.

The Evodia Grassroots Conservation Fund backs local environmental conservation projects here in Australia that create real and meaningful impact.

Thank you for choosing Evodia Australia. Every purchase goes towards The Evodia Grassroots Conservation Fund.


At our first project we planted over 500 Australian gums in Werribee, Victoria working as part of continued efforts to revegetate the wetlands to enhance biodiversity and habitat complexity in the area. Australian gums can grow up to 15 meters tall and provide shelter and homes to birds and wildlife. In addition to that they will assist in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis whereby carbon is stored in their leaves, branches, stems, bark and roots.

Watch the video below to see us getting our hands dirty. Thank you for supporting Evodia Australia, every purchase goes towards The Evodia Grassroots Conservation Fund.

We look forward to bringing you on this conservation journey with us!


The detrimental impact of human activity means the environment needs our help to revegetate and regenerate. At our second Evodia Grassroots Conservation Fund project, we planted 1500 native trees in Elwood, Victoria to help build back up the natural landscape. These native tea trees and shrubs help draw carbon out of the air down into the soil, improve soil structure and water holding capacity, while restoring habitats for up to 50 coastal birds. This regeneration project will have a long-lasting positive impact on the whole ecosystem.

Want to join us? Please email us via our contact page to add yourself to the shortlist for the next Evodia Grassroots Conservation Fund project in your area!