Grassroots Conservation Fund


Our planet is large, complex and diverse, and global environmental challenges can feel overwhelming. With increasing awareness of species extinction and fears of climate collapse, there are growing calls for everyone to act. But where do we start?

For Evodia, we are starting in our own backyard. We are starting at the grassroots.

Funded by all Evodia purchases, the Evodia Grassroots Conservation Fund backs local environmental conservation projects that create real, meaningful impact. Since its launch in 2019, the fund has distributed over $20,000 in community funding.

The assistance is not only financial. In the true Australian spirit of helping others, the Evodia team is actively involved in the Grassroots program – regularly planting trees, grasses and shrubs to help revegetate native bushland and wetlands, enhancing biodiversity and habitat complexity.

“Grassroots supports a number of conservation projects, but there’s nothing like getting out into nature and doing it yourself. Grassroots Days are a unique opportunity for the team to reconnect with the elements, to work hard, laugh and look back on our achievement for the day, whether that’s harvesting seeds or planting 1,000 trees.” – Hayley Wright, Social Impact Manager

Every Evodia purchase helps fund the Evodia Grassroots Conservation Fund. Thank you for purchasing Evodia and supporting this important program.



We're taking action on climate change Evodia Australia has an intrinsic commitment to the environment. We are therefore very proud
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