Product tips and tricks

Where to apply your fragrance
Apply your fragrance to your pulse points. Pulse points are the locations on the body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin, including the inner wrists, base of the throat, behind ear lobes, cleavage, behind knees, and the inner elbows. The heat generated on these points helps to intensify and disburse your fragrance throughout the day.

How to choose your fragrance
When shopping for a fragrance, always apply directly to the skin. Think of your skin’s natural oils as the last ingredient of the fragrance. This is why one fragrance may smell different on one person to another. Appling a fragrance to a card or blotter will not give a true impression of how the fragrance will sit on your skin.

Maximum Moisture
Have you ever applied your moisturiser in the morning and then felt like you needed to reapply only a few hours later? The best times to apply your moisturiser are actually straight after you shower or bathe. Exposure to warm water helps to open the pores and prepare your skin for the emollient ingredients in your moisturiser, allowing this nourishment to penetrate deeper and provide maximum hydration. Another great time to apply your cream is after exfoliating or shaving. These actions help to remove the dry or dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, eliminating this barrier and allowing the active ingredients in your moisturiser to sink right in and work more effectively. 
I recommend the Evodia Hand & Body Lotion. Light and nourishing, this enriching moisturiser imparts the goodness of cocoa butter, grape seed oil and sweet almond oil.

Layer your fragrance
Evodia offers an enticing range of fine fragrances in Body Mist and Roll On formats. Layering fragrances will see your signature scent last all day and even allow you get creative by combining complementary fragrances. To ensure your fragrance lasts all day, start in the shower! Think of your body wash as your fragrance foundation, which imparts the scent directly onto the skin. By using a matching body lotion, you begin to layer this fragrance, enhancing its longevity. Keeping the skin moisturised will also help to enhance your perfume. Fragrance molecules will bind to the skin's natural oil, so to make the fragrance last longer, moisturise your skin first. Finish with a spritz of your favourite Body Mist. To top up your fragrance and reapply on the go, keep your Fragrance Roll On at an arm’s length. In your hand bag, gym bag, in the car or on your desk.

Create your own signature scent
When layering fragrances, you can stray from using matching products to create a unique, blended scent. The key rule when layering different fragrances is to stick to the same perfume family, to avoid overpowering or clashing scents. Choose fragrances that fall in to one category such as floral, oriental or fresh.
For example, try the Daintree Mango & Pink Grape Fruit Body Lotion with the Whitsunday Coconut & Lime Body Mist for a tropical, fruity cocktail of fun.

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